About the Enlargement process

The Directorate General for Enlargement provides much valuable information about every aspects of the Enlargement process: the acceding countries, the candidate countries and the potential candidate countries, a press corner, videos etc.
The Enlargement section of EUROPA, the gateway of the European Union, provides summaries of the main documents producted by the EU institutions about the Enlargement process. Notably it present the relations between the EU and every country involved in the accession process, the Accession process (EUROPA) itself, Justice, Freedom and Security in the accession process (EUROPA), and numerous other topics.
EurActiv.com’s section about Enlargement provides for each contrie involved in the enlargement process a dossier about its relation with the EU. This dossier includes background information, explanation about the issues that face the contry, links to the related lattest news and numerous links to institutional and other reliable sources.
Enlargement of the European Union (Wikipedia). The online encyclopedia Wikipedia provides a comprehensive article about the Enlargement of the EU and many related topics which you and I can contribute to.
Lattest news about the DG Enlargement (EMM) Europe Media Monitor News Briefs is a summary of the news stories from around the world, automatically classified according to thousand of criteria. This page provides you with all the news stories related to the Enlargement.
News about East Europe (EU business.com) EUbusiness is a publishing venture independent of European Union institutions which brings up-to-date and relevant information about EU legislation and the eurozone economy to people who want to know how to do business in Europe. This page provides topical information about East Europe countries.
Dossier sur l'Elargissement de l'UE (La Documentation Francaise) This is a very clear and comprehensive dossier about the Enlargement of the EU in french. It notably provides analysis elements of the stakes of the EU Enlargement.

About the pre-accession programmes

Both the gateway for the European Union (EUROPA) and the Directorate General for Enlargement provide through information about the prgrammes introduced by the EU to assist the countries involved at the different levels of the accession process.
The new pre-accession insturment of the EU:
The former pre-accession programmes: