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Acting as catalyst of resources

EUROMED’s policy in networking matter: acting as a catalyst for resources available within society by encouraging their involvement in development. Hence the broad diversity of EUROMED’s partners (NGOs, individual experts, universities, business companies etc.) .
Operating on a wide range of issues, Euromed does not pretend to have the best solutions and expertise available. Nor do we pretend that the best solutions are to be found within consulting companies.  Our main role is to identify the most relevant expertise in civil society according to the needs of the country and beneficiary, and to mobilise this expertise for the benefit of the concerned project/action.  In this sence, we  act as a catalyst for resources available within society by encouraging their involvement in development (academic institutions and NGOs).
We also do not promote the use of in-house experts or external expertise originating in EU countries at any price. In contrary, we believe that a good assesment and valorisation of the expertise often available in the developing countries will have a deeper impact and contribute to the sustainability of the action implemented.

Our long-standing partnerships

Euromed gives highest imprtance in maintaining full indeoendence from any  national political agenda, which are often affecting some of the competing agencies with links to public/national institutions.
Our policy is to establish networks of cooperation with various organisation, whiahc are considered to be the most relevant and prestigious in their respective area. The same is valid for our cooperation with individual experts.
During the implementation of the hundreds of actions, provision of political advisory services and implemetnation of projects in dozens of countries and various sectors, we have come to develop a strong network of cooperation. These include academic instituions, think-thanks, NGOs, but also consulting companies and individual consultants sharing our values. With manyof these partners, Euromed has established close relations that can be considered as lomg-term  partnerships independent on the execution of a specific contract of a funding agency.


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