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Good Governance

All development aid is senseless if it is not accompanied by institution-building measures which aim at creating the local administrative structures able to absorb this aid and guarantee to use it efficiently. Without these structures, only humanitarian aid can be conducted and maintained externally. The creation, reform and strengthening of efficient local administrative structures are therefore essential targets to any sustainable development support. 
Strengthening civil society through the development of partnerships with local NGOs and academic institutions is an important tool in view of achieving Good Governance and full respect of Human Rights. In this perspective, Euromed has developed a growing number of partnerships and established a permanent cooperation with various organisations.
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Our sectors of expertise

The activities of EUROMED are focused on the following areas:
- Public Administration Reform
- Reform of justice system and penal regime
- Border crossing management (Customs and Border Police)
- Human Rights
- Fight against organised crime
- Conflict Prevention
- Support to electoral processes and monitoring 
EUROMED's experience in those areas has enabled the company to become a "preferred supplier" under the EC Framework Contracts for projects regarding Human Rights, Democracy and Institutional Strengthening (Lot 7