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Development of ITMS and Integration into BİLGE

Country: Turkey
Nr of staff provided: 0
Name of client: None given
Overall project value: None given
Origin of funding: European Commission
Start date: Wednesday, 30th November -0001
End date: None given
Status of project: Open
Detailed description of project:  
Overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is as follows:
Proper protection of the future external borders of the EU through a modernized Turkish Customs Administration (TCA) to ensure that it is in a position to fulfill the tasks and obligations of an EU Member States Customs Administration.
The purpose of this contract is as follows:
EU compatible Customs IT systems (ITMS applications) installed and fully operational at the end of the project and in line with the EU requirements in terms of interconnectivity and interoperability.
Develop the TARIC-compatible modules listed below, in close co-operation with TCA experts including its integration into the current BILGE with full compliance to ITMS requirements.
The specific summarized activities under the ITMS Development are: Develop the following tariff related modules:
·                      Module 1: TARIC
·                      Module 2: TQS
·                      Module 3: ISPP
·                      Module 4: Risk Analysis
·                      Module 5: SMS
·                      Module 6: EBTI
In addition to the above mentioned modules, the Consultant should enable within the developed system access to the full platform of ITMS.