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Azerbaijan Preparation of support in the field of justice and anti-corruption

Country: Azerbaijan
Nr of staff provided: 4
Name of client: None given
Overall project value: None given
Origin of funding: African Development Bank
Start date: Wednesday, 30th November -0001
End date: None given
Status of project: Open
Detailed description of project:  
The general objective of this contract is to identify with the Ministry of Justice, the Anti-Corruption Department in the General Prosecutors office and the European Commission and prepare for support for the judicial reform and anti-corruption in Azerbaijan.
The specific objective of this contract is to:
·          Support the Ministry of Justice with the preparation through identification and formulation of sector budget support in the field of justice/rule of law by assessing the progress of legal and institutional reforms in Azerbaijan and the long term Government Strategy development in the field of Justice, especially by investigating the following components:
1.       Strengthening the judiciary system in the regions
2.       Strengthening the Academy of Justice
3.       Penitentiary reform and possible amendments of the Criminal code of Azerbaijan
·          Support the Anti-corruption Department in the General Prosecutors office in the drafting of a clear and concise Twinning Project Fiche which shall be circulated simultaneously to the 27 EU Members States in an invitation to submit proposals for its joint implementation