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vMozambique - Study of the Institutional framework for decentralisation in the agricultural sector in Mozambique

Country: Mozambique
Nr of staff provided: 2
Name of client: None given
Overall project value: None given
Origin of funding: African Development Bank
Start date: Wednesday, 30th November -0001
End date: None given
Status of project: Open
Detailed description of project:  

The overall objective is to review the broad options available for deconcentration of public services to farmers, including the provision of natural resources management, taking the case of PROAGRI 1 as a reference, and in accordance with GoM* initial ambitions, review those options, including the choice that other instruments may be available now for the provision of the envisaged agricultural services.

The specific objectives include a general review of the powers (decision–making, revenue-raising, etc), responsibilities (service delivery) and resources (financial, human, and administrative) assigned and allocated to the different level of administration in the agricultural sector.

GoM* : Government of Mozambique